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Redcar Hydrogen Community Project Offer: Free Appliances, Energy Efficiency Improvements and Feedback Payments to Participants

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Redcar Hydrogen Community to bring over £300 million and 300 new jobs to Redcar and Tees Valley

Our new analysis shows that the Redcar Hydrogen Village would bring over £300 million of investment and at least 300 new jobs to Redcar and the Tees Valley.

This investment will be funnelled straight into the businesses and communities most important to the local area, and hundreds of jobs will be created, such as hydrogen engineers, project managers and customer service representatives.

We know that Redcar has been historically underfunded by governments, making this investment a significant and much-deserved injection of cash, while allowing the community to restate its renowned history as a leading region for hard-working industries, just as it did decades ago with steel.

As well as benefits to the wider area, the project is expected to benefit locals involved in the project too, with all receiving new hydrogen or electric appliances, free of charge and with free regular servicing and maintenance. Each home will also be eligible for up to £2,000 in energy efficiency measures like insulation, ensuring participants receive lasting benefits, and people can provide feedback on their experiences in exchange for participation vouchers.

The proposal for the project is still awaiting a decision from Government, which we expect in the coming months.