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Redcar Hydrogen Community Project Offer: Free Appliances, Energy Efficiency Improvements and Feedback Payments to Participants

Our Redcar Hydrogen Community project offer has been released to the residents and businesses of the Redcar project area. This offer will support the community partaking in the government-led demonstration.

The package will include three aspects: free new appliances, energy efficiency improvements, and payments in return for participation and feedback.

Redcar Hydrogen Community Project

The government-led project, aims to demonstrate how we can heat homes and businesses using locally produced, low-carbon hydrogen through our gas pipes. Homes and businesses will need to switch away from using their current natural gas supply to hydrogen or electric alternatives at no cost.

The project will produce vital data that will help the country understand how it can reach net zero carbon emissions and tackle climate change, as well as improve our energy security in the long term.

Our Customer Offer

The offer package, available to all homes in the conversion area with a current gas connection, includes:

  • Free, brand-new appliances to replace existing gas appliances.
    • For those who opt for hydrogen, this will include a hydrogen boiler, meter, and appliances such as a cooker hob.
    • For those who opt for electricity, this will include a heat pump or an electric boiler, and electric appliances.
  • Energy efficiency measures, such as smart thermostats and loft and cavity wall insulation for homes that don’t already have them to reduce energy use.
  • Participation payments in exchange for sharing feedback, with up to £3,000 for residents and £2,000 for landlords.
  • Servicing and maintenance of appliances free of charge.
  • A guarantee that customers won’t pay any more for their bill during the trial than what they would have paid if they’d stayed using natural gas.

The aim is to ensure that participants get the most out of the project and provide invaluable data to the government to inform future decisions on the use of hydrogen.

Some of these will be legacy benefits too. For example, energy efficiency measures will increase the energy performance certificate (EPC) for many homes in the area and will reduce energy use, and with it bills, in the long term.

Our CEO, Mark Horsley has commented:

“At NGN, we’ve been safely and reliably delivering gas to people’s homes in the North-East of England – including Redcar – for decades. We’ve spent that time getting to know our customers, what they want and what they need – including through a citizens panel with Redcar residents last year which informed our offer.

“It’s important to us that people in the area feel like they’re gaining from taking part in this project – and we’re pleased to be able to offer these lasting benefits to all those participating.

“This government-led project will be an opportunity for the area to lead the country in the path to net zero and in tackling the energy crisis – just as Lochem has led the first hydrogen community over in the Netherlands.”

The hydrogen investment is expected to bring significant benefits to the local area, totally £300 million and at least 300 new, high-quality jobs, including customer service representatives, engineers and surveyors.

NGN is now waiting for the government to approve the project and will provide further details on next steps following a decision.